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Photo Gallery

Batting Sling Batting Sling Batting Sling I use the sling to keep quilt batting off the floor and, if I happen to float a top, I'll put it into the sling, too. It protects the batting from being stepped on and keeps the batting clean. 192415344 Attaching to the machine This was the attachment of my second sling to the machine. This sling used left over canvas to strengthen the attachment point. The first sling ripped out after about a year of use. 192415341 Attaching to the machine This is the attachment of my third sling to the machine. I made the sling slightly smaller so that I could tighten it up with the zip ties. I'm at the end of my ability to tighten. 192415342 Attaching to the machine This is the attachment of my fourth sling to the machine. This is the sling I use for classes, and I never know if I'll be teaching on a 6', 10', 12', or 14' table. When I made this sling, I considered using a pretty fabric instead of using the muslin. One of the purposes of this is to also find errant threads on the batting, and pretty fabric would necessitate a longer inspection of the sling for threads before loading with the batting. Time is money - I went with muslin. 192415343